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2. A man is shot in the head, and the bullet stops just outside the dura mater. What is
the innermost layer that the bullet has penetrated?
A. Skin C. Fat
B. Bone D. Periosteum

3. Which part of the brain is responsible for the maintenance of muscle tone and the
coordination of muscle movements?
A. Midbrain C. Hippocampus
B. Hypothalamus D. Cerebellum

4. Which activity would require the coordination of both hemispheres of the brain?
A. Learning a new language C. Daydreaming
B. Solving a math problem D. Recognizing someone’s face

5. In addition to the nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane, a single neuron possesses
A. one dendrite and several axons.
B. several dendrites and one axon.
C. many nuclei and one neurilemma.
D. one nucleus and many neurilemma.

1. Which of the following best describes catheterization?
A. Burning away of cancerous tissue
B. Visualization of the large intestine
C. Implantation of an intrauterine birth control device
D. Placement of a drainage tube into the bladder

2. Which is a condition of the male sex gland surrounding the
urethra just under the urinary bladder?
A. Cryptorchidism
B. Hypogonadism
C. Benign prostatic hyperplasia
D. Bulbourethritis

3. Spermatozoa are manufactured in the
A. stroma. C. vas deferens.
B. seminiferous tubules. D. prostate.
4. Urine is formed by the
A. nephrons. C. ureters.
B. renal pelvis. D. bladder.

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