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Homework Help: Child Care

Posted by Dragana on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 4:13pm.

1. The interaction between a child's biological makeup and the environmental influences that affect his or her development and behavior is called the

A. balanced systems approach
B. Ecological systems theory
C. body in the classroom analysis
D. me/them dynamic

2. When a child demonstrates an inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if he has mastered the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance. In doing this, the teacher is

A. applying a developmental perspecive
B. measuring the child's confidence level
C. having a negative effect on the child's self esteem
D. sequencing motor change

3. Which of the following are the three major types of knowledge identified by Piget?

A. subjective, objective, and hyperconscious
B. micro, meso, and exo
C. physical, logical-mathematical, and social
D. linguistic, physoligical, and arithmetical

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