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A 600-kg weather ballon is designed to lift a 4000-kg package. What volume should the ballon have after being inflated with helium at standard temperature and pressure so the total load can be lifted up?

The problem asks for volume. Take it a step further...
assume the ballon is spherical, and find it's radius.

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    Let V be the balloon volume.
    Let rho1 = air density and
    rho2 = helium density. Look them up or use the gas law to compute them. Helium weighs 4/29 as much as air at the same T and p.

    For the balloon and its weight to be lifted,
    rho1*V = 4000 + 600 + rho2*V

    V = 4600/(rho1-rho2)

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    ok what is rho? I know the answer to this problem is 9.96 m because our teacher gave us the answer

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    Ok nvm i will do the math. Sorry didn't read what they stood for. Thx for the help =)

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