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A girl 36 kg occupies a seat of a swing that this subject by two chains 20 m in length each. If someone drops the girl from an 8 m position below the highest of the swing. What strength exercises it on the girl when she passes through the point lower?

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    she drops 20 - 8 = 12 meters
    her los of potential energy in the drop is m g h = 12 m g Joules
    her Ke is then 12 m g Joules
    (1/2) m v^2 = 12 m g
    so v^2 = 24 g

    force up on girl -force down on girl = m a
    F - m g = m v^2/r
    F = m (g + v^2/r)
    F = m (g + 24 g/20)
    F = m g (1+24/20)
    F = m g (2.2) = 36*9.8*2.2

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