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US History

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'Take a poll of your classmates to find out what they trust about the federal government and what they mistrust about it. Compile the answers into a list. Then use the list to make a bar graph of the top five answers.'

Since I don't have classmates (-.-) I figured I'd ask you guys. Please help!


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    I do not trust the FBI,or CIA to follow the law as written.

    I do not trust elected officeholders to tell whole truths.

    I trust the banking system of FDIC
    I trust the Department of Interior to maximize the usage of the National Parks.
    I trust the Department of Justice to enforce the Equal Opportunity Act, as written.

  • US History -

    I agree with Bobpursley.

    I do not trust regulators to act in the public's best interests.

    I do trust the three branches to make a reasonable effort to keep a balance of powers.

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    Thank you both!


  • US History -

    I do not many senators and congressmen to work in the interests of people other than the businesses that support them.

    I trust the Supreme Court to keep a balance in the Federal Govt.

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