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Homework Help: hypothesis testing by mean levels

Posted by lubna on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 4:22am.

hi everyone... i have this homework.. i tried to solve it... can anyone check if it's right or not, please??


The maximum acceptable level of a certain toxic chemical in vegetables has been set at 0.2 parts per million (ppm). A consumer health group measured the level of the chemical in a random sample of tomatoes obtained from one producer to determine whether the mean level of the chemical in these tomatoes exceeds the recommended limit.


A. H0: ¦Ì < 0.2 ppm
Ha: ¦Ì > 0.2 ppm

B. H0: ¦Ì > 0.2 ppm
Ha: ¦Ì = 0.2 ppm

C. H0: ¦Ì = 0.2 ppm
Ha: ¦Ì > 0.2 ppm

D. H0: ¦Ì = 0.2 ppm
Ha: ¦Ì ¡Ý 0.2 ppm


I assumed that Ho is true
so mainly Ho: ¦Ì = 0.2 ppm
and since the consumer health group are trying to determine the mean level of the chemicals in tomatoes if they exceeds the max limit, So, i'll assume also Ha: ¦Ì > 0.2 ppm

and therefore the correct answer would be C

is that correct?? please reply to me ASAP.. Thank you

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