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Words to use:
Accelerate - Sliding - Brake - Friction - Slipping - Inertia Velocity - Wheel - Strength - Static - Terminal velocity


1. An object will ____?____ when the net force is not zero.

2. ____?____ will never speed up an object.

3. The friction that prevents an object from moving when a force is applied is ____?____ friction.

4. The friction that slows down an object that slides is ____?____ friction.

5.A(n) ____?____ helps reduce sliding friction.

6. Normal force is supplied by the ____?____ of the surface.

7. The speed an object reaches when the force of gravity is balanced by the force of air resistance is called ____?____.

8. Earth has so much ____?____ that it hardly accelerates when you push against the ground while walking.

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