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Ethos Writing Assignment:
Imagine that you need to convince your audience that you have ethos in order to construct your argument. What qualities or traits do you have that create your ethos? What experiences do you have the give you authority and expertise?

I don't get this at all! I'm supposed to include stuff like:
A statement of assertion (what gives you ethos)
A description of your ethos and credibility (what experiences and traits give you ethos)
Evidence to support your reasons (examples of your knowledge or expertise)
Consideration of audience

But I don't get the thing that it says about'show how you have ethos'. I mean, ethos about what? Isn't ethos like expertise or something...I don't know.
If somebody else understands this assignment please help me out

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    For example, as far as I know ethos means knowledge or expertise (?) So shouldn't it ask to explain our ethos in a specific field or something. And since it doesn't ask that, how can I write this?

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    You have missed it on ethos. Ethos is a set of characteristics that belong to an organization, culture, or group.

    Like for instance: ethos of a Catholic priest.

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    Ohh, that's what my friend was trying to tell me but I didn't believe her!

    So, how do I write that.
    Do I tell about an organization or group that I'm in? And then explain it's characteristics...or do I explain how I'm an expert or something in that?

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    ... could be for an individual, a group, a culture, etc.
    The word "ethics" is related to this word, too. So ... write about your personal ethics and/or the ethics that a group you consider yourself part of follows.

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    Okay, So I understand what it means now. But I just don't know how to write it out. I've been trying to write this for an hour now. I'm a Muslima, I'm a also a female, I guess those are both tthings I could write. But I don't know what I'm supposed to mention.

    Please, give me some ideas, please

    When it comes to each individual, everyone has their own ethos, or specific characteristics that belong to their particular group or organization. I believe that being a female and being Muslim are both groups that involve their own particular ethos.

    This is what I've come up with in an hour

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