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Spanish 1

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I reallly need help with these, please!

29. ¿____qué hora empieza la clase de ciencias?
a. De
b. A
c. Para
d. Pero

30. Tengo _____ cuadernos
a. un
b. mucho
c. veintidós
d. una
B? Or C..?

31. La clase de ciencias de la salud empieza ____ las dos
a. son
b. para
c. a
d. faltan

33. A ver... no tengo un carcador. _____.
a. Hasta luego
b. Hola
c. Lo siento
d. De veras


  • Spanish 1 - ,

    To answer question #30, veintidós. Mucho is wrong because it should say muchos if you're going to use that word.

    The rest....I didn't see your ideas of what they might be.

  • Spanish 1 - ,

    Because I obviously need help answering them.


  • Spanish 1 - ,

    29. A = at what time

    30. the others are all wrong because they are singular and the noun is plural

    31. c = again AT the time it begins

    33. probably c = I'm sorry about that.


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