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How many milliliters of a 0.1 M NaOH solution is needed to completely neutralize 1 liter of lemonade containing 25% citric acide

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    25% is a lot of citric acid in lemonade, it is usually ca 5% or less.

    Start from a balanced equation:

    NaOH + 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentanedioic acid -> 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentanedioic acid, trisodium salt + H2O

    which you need to balance

    OK. Let us assume that the 25% is by weight and that the density 1.00 g L^-1

    so our solution contains 250 g of citric acid, molar mass = 192 g mole^-1

    so the number of moles =
    250 g/192 g mole^-1

    from the balanced equation we can work out how many moles of NaOH react with
    1 mole of citric acid.
    Hence work out how many moles (N) of NaOH react with 250 g/192 g mole^-1
    of citric acid.

    To calculate the volume (millitres) of NaOH required


    it will be a large volume.

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