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If 1.10 g of steam at 100.0 degrees celsius condenses into 38.5 g of water, initially at 27.0 degrees celsius, in an insulated container, what is the final temperature of the entire water sample? Assume no loss of heat into the surroundings

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    heat lost by 100 C water + heat gained by cold water - heat lost by condensation =0

    1.1*4.184*(Tf-100) +[38.5*4.184*(Tf-27)] - 1.1*2257 = 0
    Solve for Tf.

    You can do it another way if you wish.
    First calculate how much the condensing steam will raise the T of cold water.
    1.1*2257 = 2482.7 J released.
    38.5*4.184*(Tf-27) = 2482.7
    Tf = 42.41 THEN
    heat lost by 1.1g steam @ 100C + heat gained by 41.41 C water = 0 and recalculate Tf EXCEPT, of course, Tinitial is 42.41 and not 27.0 C. Same answer is obtained.

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    Thank you! what is the 2257 from?

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    2257 is the heat of vaporization of water.

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