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Posted by lynne on Monday, November 8, 2010 at 6:54am.

As an undergraduate Native American college student you have been selected from a national pool of applicants to interview President Obama. Your scheduled interview is to be no longer than 10 minutes. The interview is to be conducted on a Tuesday morning in March at the White House.

What is your first step in preparing for the interview?
Upon arrival at the White House what would be your first reaction?
How would you expect to be greeted?
How would you be dressed?
How would you interact with others prior to meeting the President?
Upon first sighting the president what would be your first reaction?
How would you introduce yourself to the President?
After your introduction to the president, how would you explain what you were there to do?
What type of interview would you conduct and why?
What would be the topic of the interview and how would you introduce this topic to the President?
How many questions would you ask the President?
What would be the first question you asked the President?
How would you ensure that the President valued your questions?
How would you end the interview?
Before exiting the White House what would be your final thought?
Once back home what steps would you take, if any, to acknowledge the interview?

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