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Read the activity 2-1:Force and Pressure in the lab manual (pages 167-168). As described in the manual, consider a 10 cc syringe is connected to a 50 cc syringe. Information of the syringes are as follows:
(mass of 10 cc piston) = 16 g
(mass of 50 cc piston) = 60.6 g
(diameter of 10 cc piston) = 14.7 mm
(diameter of 50 cc piston) = 28.0 mm.

If a force probe is attached to the 50 cc piston, what do you expect will be the force measurement while a 50 g mass is placed on the 10 cc piston?

(d) Now, the 50 g mass is removed from the 10 cc piston, and another force probe is attached to the 10 cc piston. Now both 10 cc piston and 50 cc piston have force probes attached to them. Consider that the 10 cc piston is pressed down with a force FA, and let's call FB to be the force measured by the force probe on the 50 cc piston. If you write FA as a function of FB, what is the slope of the function?

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