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A uniform ladder 5.0 m long and weighing 200 N is placed against a very smooth wall so that the lower end of the ladder is 3.0 m from the wall. If the coeficient of friction between the ladder and the ground is 0.50, determine the maximum distance that a 700 N man could climb along the length of the ladder before the ladder slips.

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    3,4,5 triangle

    Vertical forces
    200 N down at middle, 1.5 m from foot of ladder
    700 N down at (3x/5) from foot of ladder
    900 N up at foot of ladder

    Horizontal forces
    F at top of ladder, 4 m above base
    900 mu at base of ladder = F at top

    take moments about
    base of ladder
    700 (3x/5) + 200(1.5) - 4F = 0
    but F = .5*900 = 450
    700(3x/5) +300 = 1800
    420 x = 1500
    x = 3.57

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    what about the friction?

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    where did the 3x/5 come from

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