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Posted by hal-e on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 3:34pm.

A US Coast Guard cutter is chasing a ship suspected of running contraband cigars out of Cuba. The cutter's trip can be divided into three legs: it travels with a constant velocity of 40.1 km/hr for 1 hour and 45.0 minutes at a navigational direction of 260°; then it goes 41.3 km/hr for 51.0 minutes with a navigational direction of 275° and finally, it goes 58.4 km/hr for 33.0 minutes with a navigational direction of 329°. Provide answers in units of km and hours, and assume the cutter started at the origin.

HINT: Recall that you must have unit consistency. Convert the velocity and time data into displacements, and then add the vectors.

A. What is the cutter's final displacement? @ °

B. What is the cutter's average velocity? @ °

C. What is the cutter's average speed?

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