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Posted by DIana on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 1:32pm.

Six girls each invited a date to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Before they joined in the fun, each couple worked in a different booth. The booths were Popcorn Sales, Marriage, Hayrides, Old Time Photos, Lemonade, and Raffle Tickets. Grab your partner and go round and round with these statements to deduce which couples worked where! There are 6 girls- Mia, Helen, Annabel, Louise, Megan, and LaShawn, and 6 boys- Jack, Yousef, Alex, Arnie, Joseph, and Tyrone.

1. Arnie and LaShawn had to leave their dates momentarily to get ice and butter.
2. Alex, Joseph. and their friends' dates Mia and Annabel left their booths to go on a hayride.
3. Neither Megan nor Alex got sticky or greasy.
4. Tyrone, Yousef, and Jack refused to work in a "love" booth, but Megan wanted to.
5. Helen, La Shawn, and Louise helped their friend set up her photo booth before going back to their dates Tyrone, Arnie, and Joseph.
6. Annabel did not work with her brothers Arnie or Yousef, but her friend Helen worked with one of them at the popcorn booth.
7. Mia's date was a shutterbug.

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