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If two cars are traveling along a straight road, one behind the other. the first is traveling at a constant velocity of 10 m/s. the second, approaching from the rear, is traveling at 22 m/s. when the second car is 300m behind the first, the driver applies the brakes, producing a constant acceleration of -0.40 m/s^2. will the cars crash and if so, where and when?
I find this really hard to understand

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    will it hit?
    use final velocity of 0 presuming that it came to a halt
    find the time elasped for it to stop using acceleration = change in v over change in t
    use the time to find how far both have traveled...
    yes it will hit
    it;s an equation of what time used for second car to travel 300+11t
    since we don't know the final velocity cant use equations of it
    so use change in x = intial v (t) + 1/2 a t^2
    so 300+11t=22t+(-2)t^2
    using solve t using quadratic formula to see what time will it hit

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