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Posted by whitney on Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 5:11pm.

4. In the sentence "Paula nos dice la verdad."
(Paula tells the truth to us.) Is the "nos" a direct or indirect object pronoun? direct
8. Ya lo ___veo___ (ver), (I can see that)
Please re-write the following sentences (making them grammatically correct) adding an indirect object pronoun before the conjugated verb to represent the underlined indirect object, just as done in the example:

Maria da el regalo a nosotros .
Maria nos da el regalo.

14. Yo doy el libro a Ana.Yo doy el libro de Ana.

15. Sara manda la carta a Olivia. (Sara sends the letter to Olivia.)Sara envia una carta Olivia.

16. Tú regalas el perro a mí.Darle al perro que me
18. Mario ___e'l____ hablar mucho (a lot).

19. Alberto y yo viajamos (travel) mucho.Nosotros __conducimos_____ a Alemania y a Brazil.

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