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Math: Calculus

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Answer the following questions for the function

defined on the interval [-12.266371, 2.241593].

Rememer that you can enter pi for as part of your answer.

a.)f(x) is concave down on the interval ____.

b.) A global minimum for this function occurs at ____.

c.) A local maximum for this function which is not a global
maximum occurs at _____.

d.) The function is increasing on the region _____.

  • Math: Calculus -

    I REALLY NEED HELP ANSWERING THIS. I mange to get b and c but i'm stuck on the other two

  • Math: Calculus -

    What did you get for b & c?

    For concavity and increasing, you need to calculate f"(x) within the interval.

    Concavity changes when f"(x)=0. f"(x)>0 is concave upwards, and vice versa.

    Function's and increasing/decreasing changes only when f'(x)=0. When f'(x)>0 it is increasing, and vice versa.

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