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AP Chemistry

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A 1.00-L gas sample at 100°C and 600 torr contains 50% helium and 50% xenon by mass. What are the partial pressures of the individual gas?

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    Pick any convenient number for the total mass, then half of that is He and half is Xe.
    Now find the moles.
    moles = grams/molar mass.

    Calculate mole fraction He and mole fraction Xe.
    mole fraction He = mol He/total moles and
    mole fraction Xe = mol Xe/total moles.

    PHe = mole fraction He*total P (which is 600 torr).
    PXe = mole fraction Xe*total P.

  • AP Chemistry -

    partial pressure for He: 582 torr & 18 torr for xe

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