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Company A charges $55 per day plus $0.35 per mile to rent a car. Company B charges $50 per day plus $0.40 per mile. Jack wants to rent a car for three days. How many miles should Jack be traveling so that Company A is less expensive than Company B?


    The volume of a rectangular slab of concrete needs to exceed 72 cu. ft. If the length is 12 feet and the width is 8 feet, how thick does the concrete slab need to be?


    “Collin left the party one half hour before Gabriel. Terrence left an hour and a half later than Gabriel. Together the three of them stayed more than four hours. How long did they each stay at the party?”


    Laura found $2.15 in quarters and nickels in the bottom of her purse. There were seven fewer quarters than nickels. How many nickels and quarters did she find?


    company A:
    cost = .35m + 55

    company B:
    cost = .4m + 50

    .4m+50 = .35m+55
    .05m = 5
    m = 5/.05 = .....

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    Tutors will think it has been answered and might ignore the entire post

    second Problem:

    let the thickness be x ft

    so 12(8)x ≥ 72
    x ≥ 72/96
    x ≥ 3/4 ft

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