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Posted by Franco on Monday, November 1, 2010 at 11:18am.

Could you please check if the following sentences are all grammatically correct? Thank you.

1) As Coleridge suffered from chronic rheumatism, the doctors prescribed him opium to ease bodily pains and he became addicted to this drug.
2)He distinguished between primary and secondary imagination. He described the former as the faculty by which we perceive the world around us.
3)In particular, it works through our senses and is common to all human beings.
4)On the other hand, he defined the latter as the poetic vision, the faculty that a poet has to build new worlds.
5)During a state of ecstasy, in fact, images do not appear isolated, but associated according to laws of their own, which have nothing to do with the data of experience.
6)The imagination is contrasted with Fancy, which is inferior, since it is a kind of mechanical and logical faculty which enables the poet to aggregate and associate metaphors, similes and other poetical devices.
7) Both Wordsworth and Coleridge despise Fancy and exalt the Imagination but they define the Imagination differently.
8)For Wordsworth the imagination transforms (transformed?) the data of experience through recollection in tranquility whereas for Coleridge it transcends (transcened?) the data of experience and “creates” in the true sense of the word.
9)As for nature, Coleridge didn’t consider it as a moral guide but rather as the projection of the real world of Ideas onto the flux of time. 10) Therefore he believed that natural images carried abstract meanings and used them in his poems.

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