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Posted by MEG on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 1:42pm.

Quantitative anaylsis of cl- ion is often performed by a titration with silver nitrate, using sodium chromate as an indicator. As standardized AgNo3 is addded, both white AgCl and red Ag2CrO4 precipitate, but so long as some cl- remains, the Ag2CrO4 dissovles as the mixgture is stirred, When the red color is permanent, the equivalence point has been reached.

a) calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction:
2AgCl +CrO4=Ag2CrO4 +2Cl-

b)if 36.00cm^3 of 0.2200 m NaCl is mixed with 36.00cm^3 of 0.2200 m AgNO3, what is the concentration of Ag remaining in the solution?

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