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At noon, ship A is 100 Kilometers due east of ship B, Ship A is sailing west at 12 k/h, and ship B is sailing S10degrees west at 10k/h. At what time will the ships be nearest each other and what time will the distance be?
(not a right triangle)?

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    Not a right triangle?

    You know angle, or SAS.

    you want the other distance (S)

    I think I would start with the law of cosines:
    c^2=a^2+b^2 -2ab CosC

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    Ok. So c^2=100^2+b^2-2(100)b Cos100 ?

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    c^2=100^2-x+(-12t)^2-2(100-x)(-12t) Cos100 or maybe this?

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    Still trying to figure this out.

    Am i going in the right direction?


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