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I have no idea what does this have to do with physics but hope you can explain...
A passenger on a bus moving east sees a man standing on a curb. From the passenger's perspective, the man appears to be...

a)stand still.
b) move west at a speed that is less than the bus's speed.
c) move west at a speed that is equal to the bus's speed.
d)move east at a speed that is equal to the bus's speed.

And how can you tell???

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    This is related to physics since it is talking about relativity.

    The answer is c. Imagine looking out your car window at a bus stop. If you are moving right, the bus stop seems to be moving towards your left.

    It moves to the left at the same speed as you move to the right.

    Everything in physics is about relativity. Physics on earth is relative to the earth, whereas astronomy is based on different points in the galaxy

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    Think of driving in a car in the passenger's seat. You see a stop sign coming up. Pretending you're not moving at all, that stop sign is moving at you at the same speed you are actually moving towards it and in the opposite direction. Your answer is c.

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