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Homework Help: English - Antigone & Caesar

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Please check these answers:

2) Creon declares that anarchists are behind the burial of Polyneices. What dramatic irony lies in the declaration?
a)The audience knows that it is the Sentry who buried him.
b)The audience knows that it is a priest who buried him.
c)The audience knows that Creon secretly suspects Antigone but can't accuse her because she is Haimon's fiancée.
d)The audience knows that Antigone has buried him for religious, not political, reasons.


6) Which of the following events did not take place?

a)Teiresias blames Creon for causing his birds to behave strangely.
b)After Creon fails to save Antigone, he buries Polyneices.
c)In the Paean, the Chorus implores Dionysos to heal Thebes.
d)The messenger announces Haimon's suicide.


7) Cassius's character can best be described as



9) Shakespeare uses Calphurnia to build suspense about what will happen in all of the following ways except

a)urging Caesar not to go to the Senate.
b)recounting all the disturbing omens.
c)suggesting that Caesar pretend he is ill.
d)relating that she dreamt Caesar was assassinated.


10) Caesar's dying words express surprise at seeing which person among the assassins?



11) After the conspirators kill Caesar, they bathe their hands and swords in Caesar's blood. These actions foreshadow

a)the blood of the conspirators being spilled.
b)hunters killing brave harts.
c)Antony's death.
d)the conspirator's murder of Cinna the poet.


12) What happens to Portia?

a)An emissary of Antony's poisons her.
b)She is silenced when she tries to warn Brutus about Cassius.
c)She appears to Brutus to say that she will see him at Philippi.
d)She takes her own life.


13) In his treatment of Cassius, Brutus is characterized as

a)arrogant and condescending.
b)cynical and punishing.
c)carefree and fun-loving.
d)righteous but forgiving.


14) Cassius and Brutus argue over where they should do battle with the triumvirate's troops. How is this conflict resolved?

a)Cassius and Brutus agree to wait at Sardis for Antony's troops.
b)As a gesture of friendship, Brutus decides to follow Cassius's plan.
c)Not wanting further disagreement, Cassius embraces Brutus's plan.
d)After initially opposing the plan to go to Philippi, Brutus agrees.


15) When Cassius asks Pindarus to report what he sees, Pindarus states that Titinius has been captured. Why is this event an example of irony?

a)At this point the audience knows that Titinius has not been captured.
b)Cassius says he cannot see well, but the strong-sighted Pindarus misinterprets what he sees.
c)Pindarus lies so that Cassius will kill himself and so leave Pindarus a free man.
d)Antony's troops are not capturing Titinius, but are cheering for him.


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