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Homework Help: English - Caesar & Antigone

Posted by Shaun10 on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 10:43am.

Can you check these questions?

1) Which is an example of verbal irony as spoken by Antigone?
a)"You have yourself to consider, after all."
b)"You must decide whether you will help me or not."
c)". . . and if I must die, / I say that this crime is holy . . ."
d)". . . if it means death, / It will not be the worst of deaths . . ."


3) In Ode 2, to what does the Chorus compare Antigone?

a)a cresting wave
b)a soaring bird
c)a glowing ember
d)a closed flower


4) The Chorus in Ode 3 comments on the

a)power of love.
b)duty of sons to their fathers.
c)relationship of Haimon and Antigone.
d)effect of Creon's inflexibility.

Not sure, B?

5) In the last few lines of Ode 4, the Chorus places responsibility for Antigone's death on

c)the family curse.
d)Antigone herself.


8) Caesar disregards the omens for all of the following reasons except

a)he does not trust the augurers.
b)he does not want to appear cowardly.
c)he feels fate is inescapable.
d)he feels invincible.


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