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What force is required to accelerate a 90kg bike to 20 m/s in 15 sec?
I need to know HOW to do it!

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    first, recall formula for Force:
    F = ma
    where m = mass in kg, and a = acceleration in m/(s^2)

    then also recall the formula for acceleration,,
    acceleration is change in velocity over time, thus:
    a = (v - v0)/t
    where v = final velocity in m/s
    v0 = initial velocity in m/s
    t = time in s
    since you are you are given velocity and time, calculate for a first,, assuming the bike is initially at rest, v0 = 0:
    a = (v - v0)/t
    a = 20/15 = ? *solve this*

    after that, substitute this to
    F = ma
    since you are also given the mass, you can solve for F.

    hope this helps.

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