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A luge and its rider, with a total mass of 84 kg, emerge from a downhill track onto a horizontal straight track with an initial speed of 41 m/s. Assume that they stop with a constant deceleration of 3.5 m/s2.
(a) What magnitude F is required for the decelerating force?
(b) What distance d do they travel while decelerating?
(c) What work W is done on them by the decelerating force?
(d) What is F for a deceleration of 7.0 m/s2?
(e) What is d for a deceleration of 7.0 m/s2?
(f) What is W for a deceleration of 7.0 m/s2?

  • physics -

    F= ma
    Vf^2=Vi^2 + 2ad solve for d.
    Work = F*d

  • physics -

    a) F = ma
    |F| = 84kg*-3.5m/s^2

    x= -(41m/s)^2/(2(-3.5m/s^2))
    c)W is going in the -x direction because it's decelerating
    W= -Fd

    Then you just apply these equations to d,e, and f.

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