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Posted by m on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 2:37pm.

A tangram is a geometric puzzle made from seven pieces
that form a square. Trace the pieces, cut them out, and
answer the following questions. The puzzle can also be seen on wikipedia web site.

a. If the area of the entire square equals 1 unit, label
each piece with its rational number area.

Here is what I have and I gave each a letter to identify it:

2 small triangles c,e
1 medium triangle g
2 large triangles a,b

Square d

Parallelogram f

The rational number area is-

Letter a 1/4
B 1/4
C 1/16
D 1/8
E 1/16
F 1/8
G 1/8

All together this totals 1
Is this right?

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