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Square root of x is the equation.

down seven
reflected over y axis
left five

square root of negitive x+5)-7
negitive square root of x+5)-7
square root of x-5)-7
square root of x+5)+7

IM not getting any of these HELP!!!

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    Why don't you sketch the curves as they transform

    f(x) = √x , for x ≥ 0

    down seven:
    f(x) = √x - 7 , for x≥ 0

    reflected over y - axis:
    f(x) = -√x - 7

    move left five:

    f(x) = -√(x + 5) - 7

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    okay but I thought when it was traslated over the yaxis that the negitive went insixde the (-) not ouside like so -()

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