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Homework Help: Pharmacology

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Could someone please check my answers. Thank you!
1. Patient Stevens has been prescribed Vascotec for hypertension. The purpose of this medication is
A. curative; B. palliative; C. diagnostic; D. substitutive
Answer D
2. Patient Brown said that she noticed the aching in her right shoulder last night around midnight. Patient Brown is describing her pain
A. perception; B. threshold; C. tolerance; D. response
Answer C
3. What type of medication is nitroglycerine if it's prescribed for maintenance in the treatment of angina?
A. Oral B. Percutaneous C. Parenteral D. IV
Answer B
4. Mrs. Jones was prescribed estrogen after her hysterectomy. What is the purpose of this medication?
A. Curative; B. Palliative, C. diagnostic; D. substitutive
Answer B
5. Which one of the following drugs would you instruct a patient to take during a fasting period?
A. Buspirone; B. Probucol; C. Lisinopril; D. Oxcarbazepine
Answer A

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