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5 th grade math

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write the nmber that has

6 in the ones place,
a digit in the hundred-thousands place the is half the digit in the ones,the smallest odd digit in the thousands place,
4 in the tenths place
1 in all other places -,---,---.--?

  • 5 th grade math -

    *half of 6 is 3 (hundred thousands place)
    *smallest odd digit is 1 (thousands place)

    how many digits? is it up to million? if yes, it's:

    1 , 3 1 1 , 1 1 6 . 4 1

  • 5 th grade math -

    5,608 to the nearest ten
    38.17 to the nearest tenth
    827.42 to the nearest tenth
    826.07 to the nearest whole number

    thank you !!this work will help me with my test next week.

  • 5 th grade math -

    rounding off?
    to do this, first you have to know the places of each digit, for instance:
    5 is thousands place
    6 is hundreds place
    0 is tens place, and
    8 is ones place
    since in the question, round to nearest ten (which is 0), you look at the digit at the right (that is the ones place),, then check:
    if number at the right (ones place) is greater than or equal to 5, then the number in the tens place will be added by 1:
    *8 is greater than or equal to 5, thus it's:

    however if number at the right is less than 5, then the number will not change.

    now, try the other questions, and let me see your work. :)

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