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Math 8th grade algerbra

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a cylinder has a radius of 3cm and a length of 10cm every dimention of the cylinder is multiplied by 3 to form a new cylinder how is the ratio of the volumes related the ratio of corresponding dimensions? how would i do this?

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    Volume of cylinder = area of the base * height , or
    V = pi*(r^2)*h
    V,original = pi*(3^2)(10)
    *you solve for this.

    then for the new one,
    r,new = 3*3 = 9
    h,new = 3*10 = 30
    V, new = pi*(9^2)(30)
    you solve also for this.

    then compare their volumes, find:

    so there,, hope this helps~ :)

  • Math 8th grade algerbra -

    Thank you

  • Math 8th grade algerbra -

    is the answer 27?

  • Math 8th grade algerbra -

    yes,, (V,new)/V = 27,,
    and ration of dimensions is 3 (because it is tripled according to problem)

    now, how is 27 related to 3?

  • Math 8th grade pre algerbra -

    Y=5x;(15, -3)

  • Math 8th grade algerbra -

    How is the ratio of the volumes related to the ratio of corresponding dimensions?

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