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Express each power as an equivalent radical.

K. I don't know how to write this, but I'll explain.

There is a fraction. 1 over 9. And 9 has a power up to it which is 5 and a power down which is 3. I don't get how to express this power as an equivalent radical. I checked the answer at the back of the book, and it is 1 over 9 in brackets. beside it there is 1/3 in small font like a power, then there is 5 outside the other brackets. The 5 is a small power.

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    i'm not sure if i get the picture but do you mean,
    if it is, let's focus on the 9^(5/3). let's make 5/3 into 5* 1/3,,
    the 5 here means you raise 9 into power of 5, or 9^5,, the 1/3 means "cuberoot" of 9 (thus if it's 1/2, it's "squareroot", and if 1/4, it's "fourth root")
    *you must not worry about one since, one raised to any number is still one,,

    so there,, hope this helps~ :)

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