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A 82-kg astronaut and a 1300-kg satellite are at rest relative to the space shuttle. The astronaut pushes on the satellite, giving it a speed of 0.24 m/s directly away from the shuttle. Seven-and-a-half seconds later the astronaut comes into contact with the shuttle. What was the initial distance from the shuttle to the astronaut?

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    Remember that momentum is conserved. Momentum (P) = m*v so find P of the satelite (0.24 m/s * 1,300 kg) and then set that equal to the P of the astronaut (82kg * v). Solve for v. V should have the units m/s, then times that by 7.5 seconds, the seconds should cancel out to verify that you have your answers in meters. That is the distance from the shuttle to the astronaut. Hope that helps :)

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