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5th grade math

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circle the best estimate for each problem. then solve.

52.2*39.7=_____ A.2,00 B.20,000 C.200,000


148.3*232.51=____ A. 3,000 B.30,000 C.300,000 Solution ________________.

please! show me work too so, i can practic for this week tests thank you!!

  • 5th grade math -

    #1 --
    52.2 is close to 50, and 39.7 is close to 40. If you multiply 50*40, what do you get?

    #2 --
    148.3 is close to what? 150, right?
    232.51 is close to what? 230, right? What happens when you multiply those two estimates?

    Use Google to check your multiplication:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter 50*40 and press Enter.
    3. Did you get the right answer?
    4. Try it again for the second problem.

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