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Physics - Charges at an angle (check + help)

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Three charged objects are located t the vertices of a right triangle. Charge A (5*10^-6) has Cartesian coordinates (0,4; Charge B (-5.0*10^-6) is at the origin; charge c (+4.0*10^-6) has coordinates (5,0), where the coordinates are in meters. What is the net force on each charge.

Ans: I found the charge on B by finding the force F(a to b) and similarly the hypotenuse force and using the cosine rule and sine rule i found the direction and the net charge but when i try the same on point charges A and C i do not get the answer. Where am i going wrong?

  • Physics - Charges at an angle (check + help) -

    Pick a charge: Say B. Find Fab and Fac. Note: Fba=-Fab and Fca=-Fac

    so you have now only one other force, Fbc. Fcb=-Fbc

    So you have had to calculate only three pairs of charges.

    The for magnitude, consider NOT using the trig resolutions, do this

    Fa^2= Fab^2+Fac^2

    That is it.

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