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College Chemistry

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The equilibrium constant for the conversion of cis-stilbene to trans-stilbene is Kc = 24.0 at 200 C. If cis-stilbene is placed in an empty container at an initial concentration of 0.850 mol/L. What is the final concentration of trans-stilbene in the container at equilbrium?

A diagram illustrates cis-stilbene on the left and trans stilbene on the right with a reverse arrow <===> between

The answer is 0.816 mol L-1. What is the formula used and maths steps please.


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    Cis ==> Trans

    Cis = 0.850
    trans = 0

    trans: +x
    cis: -x

    cis = 0.850
    trans = +x

    Kc = 24.0 = (trans)/(cis)
    24.0 = (x)/(0.850-x)
    solve for x.

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