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College Chemistry

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A Galvanic cell consists of Mg electrode in a 1.0 mol L -1 Mg(NO3)2 solution and a Ag electrode in a 1.0 mol L-1 AgNO3 solution. Calculate standard emf for the spontaneous reaction of this electrochemical cell at 25 C, given that the standard reduction potential Eo for Ag+ is +0.80 V and Eo for Mg2+ is -2.37 V.

Answer is 3.17 V.

I know that Cathode - Annode = Eo cell
How can I find out which is the Cathode and Annode since this is written in a question and not in an equation. The annode is usually on left of equation and cathode on right.


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    The more positive reduction potential will always be the cathode. That is, Ag+ will be the cathode, and Mg2+ will be the anode.

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