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ABCD is a quadrilateral with BC perpendicular to AB and DE is perpindicular to AB. If AB is 38 yard and EB equals 18 yards, BC equals 13 yards, and DE equals 15 yards. Find the area of ABCD

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    first of all, i don't know if there is a figure given in your question,, but if there is not, you have to imagine,,
    it is composed of a trapezoid EBCD and triangle AED,, therefore,
    Area,trapezoid = (b1+b2)*h/2
    Area,triangle = bh/2

    A,trap = (13+15)*18/2 = 252 sq yards
    A,tri = (20*15)/2 = 150 sq yards
    **note that 20 came from 38-18

    A,quad = 252+150 = 402 sq yards

    so there,, :)

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