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Does 'using the unit circle' just mean that I use these:

In Quadrant I, theta=beta
In Quadrant II, theta=180-beta
In Quadrant III, theta=180+beta
In Quadrant IV, theta=360-beta

Because the whole lesson we did was about that sort of thing, which is all review from last year, but then at the end we did a quick example saying something about unit circles and every question in my homework is 'using the unit circle'.

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    The unit circle is the graph of x^2 + y^2 = 1. The radius vector is viewed as the hyp. of a rt triangle and has a magnitude of 1. A vector is assumed to
    rotate CCW. So if we start at 0 deg and
    calculate the coordinates of the point
    where the vector intersects the circle,
    we get:

    x = 1*cos0 = 1,
    y = 1*sin0 = 0,

    p(x , y) = (1 , 0).

    So coordinates give us the sine and
    cosine at any point on the circle.

    For a complete graph and more detailed
    INFO, GOOGLE,MATH:Unit circle.

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