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US History

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3. Many senators opposed American entry into the League of Nations because
a. they feared it would weaken the country's independence
b. they disapproved of its other member countries
c. they wanted stronger promises of support from other countries
d. they had already approved the Versailles Treaty

5. The Niagara Movement called for
a. legal segregation
b. an end to immigration
c. full civil liberties for African Americans
d. more women's colleges

20. President Wilson convinced the Allies to
a. divide the spoils of war among the victors
b. accept his plan for the League of Nations
c. make Germany pay heavy war reparations
d. allow Germany to keep its overseas colonies

Can you please check if these are correct?


  • US History -

    3 and 20 are right.
    You sure missed the boat on 5.

  • US History -

    Oooops! That's the link I used and I misread that option :| I thought it was the opposite! Of course, it's C!


  • US History -

    Yes! :-)

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