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Posted by Jane on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 12:46pm.

i already posted this question, but im still confused on it.

Dinitrogentetraoxide partially decomposes according to the following equilibrium:

N2O4 (g) -> 2NO2 (g)

A 1.00-L flask is charged with 0.400 mol of N2O4. At equilibrium at 373 K, 0.0055 mol ofN2O4
remains. Keq for this reaction is ?.

so my steps:

N2O4 (g) -> 2NO2 (g)
Initial conc. 0.400 mol 0 mole (no reaction yet)
Change -0.3945 mol + 2 x 0.3945 mole (based on equation above)
Equilibrium 0.400-0.3945 mol 0.7890 mole
0.0055 mol 0.7890

Keq = [NO2]2/[N2O4]

Keq = (0.789)^2/(0.0055) =113

but my book says the answer is 0.87?

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