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5th grade social studies

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Question: What time period or movement began in the textile industry?

I am really confused about this questions. My answer was the time period of the 18th century. Is this correct?

Question: What is an economic system based on machinery rather than animal or human power during the Industrial Revolution?

My answer was the Agricultural Revolution. Is this correct?

Question: The ___________ proved that a quick route was needed between U.S. east and west coasts during the New Imperialism.

You have to fill in the blank. I put the Panama Canal? Is this correct?

Question: Why did most Europeans colonize Africa?

My answer was they wanted to control Africa's natural resources. Is this correct?

Question: When did the U.S. become an Imperial Nation?

My answer was 1898. Is this correct?

Question: Which war did Italy fight on the side of the Axis Powers?

My answer is World War II. Is this correct?

Question: The arrival of which ally stopped the advance of the German army in World War I?

I couldn't find the anwswer.

Thank you.

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    Isn't a better answer for the first one the Industrial Revolution?

    The next one is not the Agricultural Revolution.

    Question: When did the U.S. become an Imperial Nation?
    We could argue that the U.S. has always been an imperial nation because of the land and resources we stole from the Native Americans.

    Last question -- the U.S. helped stop the German advances.

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    dude,i have these exact wordings on a study guide i have to fill out... just out of curiosity, what is the name of ur school?

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    wwhat are some responsibilities of citizens

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    what effect did the war have on germany?

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