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Homework Help: Adv. Chem

Posted by Kenshiro on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 9:35pm.

I need some help with a Chemistry crossword. The subject is transition metals and we weren't told what chapter this was in the book.


30. Cinder-like particles of pellets of concentrated ore


5. Term referring to substances that are attracted into a magnetic field

30. Product of blast furnance that is usually thrown away but can be used to make portland cement

32. No more than two electrons in thr 4s sublevel indicate this characteristic

35. The property of certain metals whereby the are strongly attracted by a magnet

37. Any physical or chemical process by which low grade ore is concentrated

40. Blowpipes at the base of a blast furnance

44. A substance used to remove the oxide coating from a metallic surface


30: A four letter word


5: _ _ h _ magnetism
30: 7 letters
32: _ e_ _ _ l_c
35: _ _ r_b_a_ _ e _ _ s _
37: _ _ _ _ f _ _ _ _ t _ _ _
40: _ u _ e _ e _
44: F l _ _

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