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Angular Velocity Question

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A disk with a mass of 18 kg, a diameter of 50 cm, and a thickness of 8 cm is mounted on a rough horizontal axle as shown on the left in the figure. (There is a friction force between the axle and the disk.) The disk is initially at rest. A constant force, F = 70 N,is applied to the edge of the disk at an angle of 37°, as shown on the right in the figure. After 2.0 s, the force is reduced to F = 27 N,and the disk spins with a constant angular velocity.

What is the angular velocity after 2 sec?

  • Angular Velocity Question -

    Figure moment of inertia I for the disk.

    Torque= I*angacceleration
    70*.25*trigfunction= I acceleration

    I don't understand the figure, so you will need to account for the angle. It is probably cos 37

    find acceleration.
    wf=wi+I acceleration*time

    figure wf at time=2

    Now, after two sec, figure the new angular acceleration. wi now is w at 2 seconds

    wf(t)=w(2)i + I newacclearation *t

    and you get a function of time.

  • Angular Velocity Question -

    I'm not getting the correct answer this way. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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