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23. Ductility is the ability to be hammered into sheets.- F?

25. A monatomic ion contains only one atom.- T

26. Iron (II) means the iron would have an oxidation number of +2.- F?

27. A polyatomic ion is a group of atoms acting as a single ion.- T

30. The oxidation number of a monatomic ion is considered to be equal to the charge on the ion.- T?

32. An empirical formula is always the true formula of a compound.- T?

34. The formula mass is measured in atomic mass units (amu)- F?

35. An outer level of an atom is usually filled with eight electrons.- F?


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    26 and 32 are wrong.
    I don't know about 34.

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    In general usage, formula mass is the name for the sum of the atomic mass units in the formula, and it is measured in amu. In usage, it is done the same way as molecular mass.

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