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Homework Help: chemistry URGENT!

Posted by mia on Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 11:56pm.

Many analytical instruments require liquid nitrogen. While filling an instrument with liquid nitrogen, an analytical chemist slips and spills the contents of the dewer, 25L, onto the floor. Since the boiling point of liquid nitrogen at 1atm is 77.4 K, all the nitrogen boils away to gas very quickly. The density of liquid nitrogen is 804kg/m^3. What volume of nitrogen gas is produced from the liquid nitrogen spill if the temperature of the room is 25 degrees C at 1 atm?

Is my calculations correct? Do i calculate the 77.4K in the problem?

If density = 804kg/m³
Mass 1 litre = 804g
25l = 25*804 20,125g
Molar mass N2 = 28g/mol
Mol of N2 = 20,125/28= 718.75 mol
At STP 1mol = 22.4 litres
Volume at STP = 718.75*22.4 = 16,100 litres
This is at 273K and 1 atm pressure
At 25°C = 298K and 1 atm

V1/T1 =V2/T2 (P is constant at 1 atm)
V1/298 = 16100/273
V1 = 16100*298/273
V1 = 17,574 litres.
Volume of N2 gas produced = 17,574 litres.

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