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I really really need help w/this problem I think i figured it out but i have to be sure i did it right in order to do others similar to it
please help

Metal Specific Heat (J/g-C)
Al (s) 0.900
Au(s) 0.129
Cu(s) 0.385
Fe(s) 0.444
Hg(l) 0.139
H2O(l) 4.184
C2H5OH(l) 2.46

A piece of metal at a temp of 95.0oC and a mass of 67.0 g is dropped into a beaker of water containing 100 g at a temp. of 30.0oC. If the final temperature reached is 42.7.0oC, what is the identity of the metal?

the sum of the heats gained is zero.

would it be Au?

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    I don't think so.
    I think the 95 you have listed should be 67 g (at least from the post) and delta T for the metal is (Tfinal-Tintial). The final T from the problem is 42.7 and the initial is 95 isn't it? Check your numbers in the post. That may be a typo.

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